In order to follow and participate in the Diploma in Italian Online you will need:


1) PC/Mac/laptop with functional operating system (not a demo version) and sound card. Tablets do not have the same functionalities as Pc/Mac/laptop. Whilst some activities can still be carried out, we do not recommend that you rely solely on a tablet.

2) Headphones and microphone. In-built speakers and microphones are fine but for online sessions and for recording we recommend using a separate headset. It doesn’t need to be expensive.


1) Microsoft Office. A demo version will not suffice. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, once you enrol in the Diploma (or if you already are a student) you can avail of discounts on www.campus.ie.

2) Up-to-date Java software. This is probably already installed on your PC/Mac/Laptop. If not, you can dowload it here for free.

3) Media Player. Any of the following will do: VLC, Real Player, Windows Media Player. VLC is probably the most versatile player, and you can install more than one.

4) A file-zipping tool to compress/decompress large files. WinZip is very popular but needs to be purchased. 7-Zip works perfectly well and is free.

You will also need to have access to a reliable internet connection.

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