Dr Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin

lauraDr Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin, Dott. in Lingue (Roma, La Sapienza), Ph.D. (N.U.I.)

Dr Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin is a lecturer at the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the National University of Ireland, Galway. She teaches Italian language and translation at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is co-director of the MA in Advanced Language Skills and coordinator and instructional designer of the Diploma In Italian Online, for adult and continuing education. Her research interests include applied linguistics, audiovisual translation, blended  and e-learning. Winner of the European Language Label in 2008, 2009 and 2013.

Recent Publications:


Translation, Technology and Autonomy in Language Teaching and Learning, Alderete-Díez, Pilar, Incalcaterra McLoughlin, Laura, Ní Dhonnchadha, Labhaoise, NíUigín, Dorothy, eds, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012 pp.542.

Audiovisual Translation. Subtitling in theory and in practice. Incalcaterra-McLoughlin, Biscio, Ni Mhainnin eds, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2011 pp.285.
La macchina dell’estasi. Note interpretative sulla poesia di Ermina Passannanti.  Novi Ligure: Edizioni Jocker,  2007, pp.80.
Spazio e spazialità nella poesia italiana del Novecento, edited by Laura McLoughlin, Leicester:  Troubador Publishing, 2005,  pp.223.
Italiano per Economisti, (co-authors: L.Pla-Lang, G. Schiavo-Rotheneder), Florence: Alma Edizioni, 2003 pp.123.


Co-founder and co-editor of La Libellula, internationally refereed online journal of Italian literary and translation studies. http://www.lalibellulaitalianistica.it/

Selected articles:

“Learn through Subtitling”, co-authored with J. Lertola, in Audiovisual translation, Incalcaterra-McLoughlin, Biscio, Ni Mhainnin eds, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2011, pp 243-263.
“Subtitles in Translators’ Training: A Model of Analysis”, in Romance Studies, Vol.27 No. 3, July 2009, 192-204.
“Inter-semiotic translation in foreign language learning. The case of subtitles”, in Translation in Second Language Teaching and Learning. Ed. by Arndt Witte, Theo Harden, Alessandra Ramos de Oliveira Harden, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009, 227-244.
“Evaluation of the Internet as a language learning tool”, in Language Education in Ireland:  current practice and future needs, Acts of the 2001 Irish Association for Applied Linguistics conference, Maynooth.  Dublin:  IRAAL, December 2006, pp.112-119.
“The language of the senses.  A cross-gender thread from Antonin Artaud to Erminia Passannanti via Amelia Rosselli” in Erminia Passannanti, Machine, Leicester:  Troubador, 2005, pp.111-120.
“Uno slancio positivo oltre il soggettivismo lirico: la poesia di Biagia Marniti”, in Punto di vista. Rassegna di arti e letteratura, Libreria Padovana, N.41, 2004, pp.197-198.
“La citta’ come dinamismo nella poesia sperimentale italiana”, in From Eugenio Montale to Amelia Rosselli. Italian poetry in the Sixties and Seventies, Troubador Publishing ltd, Leicester, 2004.pp.11-20.
“Pesca di Notte”, translation of Dermot Healy’s poem “Nightfishing”, in Translation Ireland, Dublin, vol. 14, n. 3, Summer 2002. “Teaching evaluation and decision-making competence in translation courses” in Translation Ireland, Dublin, March 2001.
“An exercise in poetry translation: Dino Campana’s “Genova”, in Translation Ireland, Ireland, Dublin, June 2000.
“L’uso di materiale autentico nel laboratorio linguistico: il caso Bianca” in Tuttitalia, n.21, Rugby (UK), Spring 2000.
SentiSenti 1, (Italian audiovisual course for beginners), Department of Italian, NUI, Galway 1998, 1999, 2000.


Office: Room 314, Arts Millenium Building
Tel: 353-91-492240
E-mail:  laura.mcloughlin@nuigalway.ie

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