Dr Carmela Dell’Aria

photoDott. Carmela Dell’Aria, Dott. in Lingue e Letterature straniere Moderne (Università degli Studi di Palermo), Dott. in Tecnologie e Didattica delle Lingue (Università degli Studi di Palermo).

Carmela Dell’Aria is currently a teacher of English and Italian as Foreign language and a specialized teacher for students in special needs in a secondary school (S.M.S. “R. Franchetti”) in Palermo (Italy). She has been teaching in public schools, at all levels, for about 20 years.

PhD in Modern Literatures and Philological – Linguistic Studies (specialities: Social Networks, MUVEs, Speech Analysis tools).

She has been a contract Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the University of Palermo from 2007 to 2009 where she investigated the potentials of MUVEs for foreign language learning, as well as the factors that impact the learners’ language performance and  promote the Intercultural  Communicative Competenze as part of her Action Research project with the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari .

Since September 2012 she is E-tutor & Lecturer of Italian at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

She designed training courses and taught online language activities in 3D virtual worlds, particularly in Second Life, for students of the University of Palermo.

In July 2007 she started her virtual learning at Languagelab beta English classes. Then she went on collaborating with Languagelab for a teacher training while she was experimenting her personal project Cafè Italia for BABEL Project: The Economy of Dreams (by Paulo Casaca and Ana Alves).

In 2009 she attended an online postgraduate course, Teaching and Learning with MUVEs , gave a course Giochi di società e strumenti didattici in SL for training Italian teachers from ANITEL, set her home in Virtlantis where she gave classes and public events, gave a workshop Educational tools for language classes: games and quizzes for the WIAOC 2009 Second Life Strand, Tesol’s Electronic Village online (EVO) 2009 and Second Life English Community.

She also designed two pilot courses of Italian for the foreign institutions involved in the pilot, the Duke University (North Carolina, USA)in 2008 and the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) in 2010.

In 2008 she gave a workshop in Second Life, L’Italiano nel Mondo, and in 2010 there was another workshop, Discovering Italian Renaissance,  on how to use a Sim for educational games for the TESOL Electronic Village Online participants.

In 1998 she was a language assistant at King Edward VII Upper Schoolin Melton Mowbray (UK), a school regarded as a national and international leader in the use of ICT with networked hubs in each subject area.

In addition to her teaching qualification she completed a certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology (validated by Trinity College London and by the Departament d’Educació of the Generalitat de Catalunya), an international post-degree course in Teaching and Learning with MUVEs (validated by the University of Macerata, Menon Network EEIG, the University of Reading, King’s College London, Florida Centre De Formacio C.V., Scienter, Institute for Innovation in Learning FIM New learning and Agence Departementale Numerique 64), a Master in Advanced designing of Italian FL and culture syllabus (University of Venice Ca’ Foscari) and some employment experiences in the media and communications industry. She also got the European Computer Driving Licence.

In accordance to this, she also won the ASFOR “e-Talent for e-Learning” Competition (V edition, 3rd position) for the best Master’s theses.

She has worked more directly with students in a teaching role and make a positive difference in their lives, using social technologies to promote motivation and inclusion of students with different skills and to improve oral production through emotional engagement.

She has participated in a range of education-related experiences in government schools over many years. These experiences have enabled her to develop her skills in planning and implementing meaningful learning experiences for learners within the context of Italian curriculum guidelines.

From her practical placements, full-time work and voluntary work she gained a great appreciation of the importance of the role of teachers at all levels of education.

She is a self-motivated and enthusiastic person with a strong passion to develop her career in secondary and adult education in an intercultural environment.

Professional sites

Inton.It@: a public wiki for the PhD pilot project in Modern Literatures and Philological-Linguistics Studies drawn by Dott.ssa Carmela Dell’Aria (conception, management and tutoring) from the University of Palermo (IT) in patternship with the National University of Ireland, Galway (IE). This project is granted by LLP – Grundtvig Visits and Exchanges 2012.

Diploma in Italian (online): E-tutor e co-creator of the syllabus for the first Diploma in Italian at the National University of Ireland, Galway, A.A. 2012-2013.

Lingu@Drama: an Italian language course based on Moodle.

CALL&SLingua: a computer assisted language learning course based on Moodle.

CALL&SLingua: a blog on how to teach languages in the 3D  virtual worlds .

CALL&SLingua: a wiki for a collaborative work among the students of the Lab CALL at the University of Palermo.

The Story of my teaching and learning with MUVEs: a personal blog on my experiences about teaching and learning with MUVEs during the International post-degree course in: “Teaching and Learning with MUVE’s (Multi-Users Virtual Environments)”. [Involved institutions: University of Macerata, Menon Network EEIG, University of Reading, King’s College London, Florida Centre De Formacio C.V., Scienter, Institute for Innovation in Learning FIM New learning e Agence Departementale Numerique 64]. Competences in: Teaching and learning with Multi-User Virtual Environments; Analysis, evaluation and design of hands-on workshops in MUVEs; Sloodle for educatiom.

Cafè Italia: a wiki as a support  for  teaching and learning Italian in Second Life.

Management of blended courses Programmi Operativi Nazionali (PON) “Competenze per lo sviluppo” e “Ambienti per l’Apprendimento”,  delivered by the Italian National Educational Agency (MIUR).


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  8. Margarita  Pérez Garcia, C. Dell’Aria  et al. , 2010,  Pedagogical Practices for Virtual Worlds. MENON Network Publishing: Belgium (2010) ISBs: 978-2-930429-20-5 (Paperback colour) and 978-2-930429-21-2 (Paperback B&W).
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Conferences and online events

  • 5-7th July 2012 Speaker during the Convegno dei Diplomati del Master Itals di 2° livello with the paper Soluzioni innovative nell’e-learning: l’insegnante “in ruolo” nelle comunità virtuali.
  • 17th September 2011 Workshop “Dimmi, Mostrami, Fammi Fare” 5° Annual Conference  Slanguages 2011. http://avalon-project.ning.com/page/slanguages-2011
  • 11-13th May 2011 Workshop “Manage your tools” for the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds Conference
  • http://www.ndu.edu/iCollege/fcvw/workshops.html
  • 14th April 2011 Speaker during The Eurocall CMC & Teacher Education SIGs Annual workshop 2011 with the presentation “Integrating the real and virtual world for language education: Second Life as virtual platform for collaborative learning”. http://jornades.uab.cat/eurocall_sigs_bcn/content/programme_SIG
  • 13th March 2011 Workshop “A guided tour of Città Ideale in SL” for the Virtual Worlds Best practices in Education (VWBPE), Educational Community by Rockcliffe University Consortium. http://ejournal.urockcliffe.com/index.php/JOVS/article/viewFile/20/3
  • 11-12th November 2010 Speaker  at the 3rd International conference ICT for Language Learning in Florence with the paper “Will Second Life Help Me Survive in Italy?”
  • 22nd October 2010  “Will Second Life help me survive in Italy?”, conference paper at IMMERS[ED] 2010: the Second National Workshop on Teaching in Immersive Worlds hosted by the School of Computing & Intelligent System, University of Ulster, Magee, Ireland.
  • 12th March – 5th May 2010 “La Lingua in gioco“, a course of Italian as FL for DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) during the reasearch on behalf of University of Palermo and supervised by Lab Itals – University of Venice Ca’ Foscari.
  • 15th February 2010 Workshop  “Discovering Italian Renaissance” in Second Life, during the training session of Tesol Evo 2010.
  • 22-24th May 2009 Workshop “Teaching and Learning with MUVEs: Italian quizzes and  games” during the international online conference WIAOC 2009, organized by the CoP Webheads in Action  http://wiaoc09.pbworks.com/schedule
  • 04th February 2009 Workshop “Italian Carnival for  EVOVWLL” (Virtual Worlds & Language Learning for TESOL Electronic Village Online)
  • October – December 2008 Classes of Italian (Caffè Italia) as FL in Second Life on the behalf of Duke University (Durham, North Carolina)
  • 20-25th October 2008  A language workshop in SL during the week dedicated to the Italian in the world.
  • 05-06/02/1999 Speaker during the annual conference “The East Midlands Regional Training Network  Launch Conference” organized by the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges in UK.
  • 04-05/12/1992  Speaker during the workshop ”Letterarietà e Multimedialità. I segni del volto” on the behalf of the Sicilian Semiological Association.


E-mail: cdellaria.nuig@gmail.com

Skype: carmendell964

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