Meet some of our teachers

The Diploma in Italian Online is the result of a great team effort.  A team of experienced native teachers worked together to plan and design the structure and layout, develop the content, and test interactive components and continue to test and update the material. The tutors who deliver the course are all native speakers, highly qualified to teach Italian as a Second Language as well to train students in virtual technology before conducting classes in our virtual environments. We aim to make Italian classes fun, effective and relevant to the individual needs of every student.

Read more about our  teachers, tutors and content developers.

Dr Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlinlaurabottone

Dott. Valentina Rizzo

Dr Francesca Magnoni

Dott. Oriana Bologna

The following experienced teachers greatly contributed to content development for the Diploma in Italian Online – Beginners level. Dr Dell’Aria helped to design the structure and the layout of the whole programme, as well as much of the material for Year 1, while Dr Cotroneo helped with the creation of the material for Year 2. Dr Lertola designed the innovative language laboratory material for Year 2 and part of Year 1.

Dr Carmela  Dell’Aria Carmela  bottone

Dr Emanuela Cotroneo foto web 2bottone

Dr Jennifer Lertola

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